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June 20 2019


The Way I See The Future Of Indie Games

... I don't see it.

Yes, this whole post could be concluded in these few words.

Yes, it's awful.

Yes, I'm probably wrong.

Make up your mind dude!

Huge boost for indie developers, or so people thought, are game engines.

They are really easy to use, they are free, and they are tons of tutorials on internet.

Where's the problem then?

Well, full-fledged gamedev companies with high budget use them too!

That means they don't need to develop their own tools and engines. Or at least much less.

Even if you become good developer, and have same tools as they are, will you make better game?

Let's say you get to the level where you can say you are good at any role in creating a game. Whether it's modelling, creating textures, animation, coding, networking, physics, etc. - you are good at all of these (okay you are not, and that would take insane amount of time, work, and learning, but let's use this example).

In this situation, a gamedev company could consist of few pro coders, modelists, and so on. Every person doing his own field, no generalists. You could say its worse, because technically you know more. But they dont need generalist when they can get better effects with a specialized person in every field, instead of generalists.

Not only that, they have high budget and will create what you can, much faster.

But But! I don't want to compete with big companies, I just want to make a game!

You could think that it's what you want, or it could be your honest desire.

But really, don't you want to have players in your game? Players, recognition, and even some small profit? Isn't that great?

Don't be the product, buy the product!